It’s not a to-do list kind of journal

The goal is not to cross things everyday, but change the way you see things. Give you the tool to be able to build self-discipline without feeling overwhelmed.

Writing is 50% of the job

Lots of studies has shown that writing your goal help you achieving it. Plus how do you know if you reach if you don’t remember it.

Track your win

It’s easy to see the wrong in your day but you have to focus on the good. Writing all positive in your journal. All the wins so you can see your progress.

New way of life

By the end of those 90 days, you’ll be on a different path.

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This 90 days book will change your life.

  • Know yourself and improve
  • Creates new habits
  • change your thoughts
  • Find happiness

Say goodbye to:

  • Feeling stuck: you don’t know what to do to get out of this hole;
  • Feeling lost: you mentally exausted and feeling drain because your effort leads to nowhere;
  • Discipline: you keep trying to hold on to new habits with no unsuccessfully;
  • Anxiety: always stress, always on the edge because nothing seem to work.
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What you get with the 90 days mindset journal?

A journal focus on the essential to make you grow faster.

Page count

126 pages



Page count

126 pages


  • 90 days mindset changing
  • 90 days roadmap
  • Healthy habits
  • Instructions
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what you’ll get?

  • Exercises to heal and move on
  • Powerful quotes to keep your spirit up
  • Daily check-up
  • Monthly assessment to keep you in track with your goal
  • 10 min per day, you can do it anywhere
  • Tracker habit.

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  • Can I order it to be delivered as a gift?

    Yes. Leave a note on the paiement link and we will send the book in a cute package.

  • What is your return policy?

    You have up to 30days to return your 90 days mindset journal. He has to be unscribe.

  • Can I order a bunch?

    You can order 20 books. If you want more contact us here.

  • Is there a discount for bulk orders?

    You’ll have 20% off for 10 units and 30% off for 45 units.

  • How can I contact customer service?

    You can use our chatbot to contact us.

  • Do you take international orders?

    Yes. We can deliver in Europe, Africa…