Terms and conditions

Welcome to the official website of Lyannga®. When we use the words “we”, “us”, and “our” on this site, we are referring to Lyannga. By offering this website, we’re presenting you with all the details, tools, and services it encompasses, but your use is based on your acceptance of every term, condition, policy, and notice described here.

Whenever you browse our website or make a purchase, you are using our “Service”. This means you’re agreeing to follow and be bound by the terms and conditions detailed here (“Terms of Service” or “Terms”). This encompasses any other terms, conditions, and policies that are mentioned here or accessible via a hyperlink. All site visitors, be they browsers, sellers, shoppers, traders, or content contributors, must abide by these Terms of Service.

We urge you to peruse these Terms of Service attentively before engaging with our website. Should you not concur with all the stipulations of this contract, you’re advised against accessing our website or using any of its services. Think of these Terms of Service as an offer—if you accept, you must do so under these terms alone.

From time to time, we may introduce new tools or features to our store. These will also be governed by these Terms of Service. You can always find the most recent version of the Terms of Service on this page. Please be aware that we might revise, change, or update parts of these Terms of Service. Any modifications will be posted here. Your decision to continue using the site post any such changes means you accept the updates.

Lyannga is proud to be hosted on Shopify Inc., our chosen online e-commerce platform which facilitates the sale of our products to you.


In agreeing to these Terms of Service, you affirm that you have reached the age of majority in your location, or, if not, that you have received permission from a guardian to use this site. We have clear guidelines about the use of our products—you must not employ them for unauthorized or unlawful purposes, nor can you break any laws, including copyright ones, in your jurisdiction. Always ensure you don’t introduce harmful software, like worms, viruses, or destructive codes. Any breach of these conditions can lead to immediate termination of services and potential legal action.


Lyannga holds the discretion to deny service to any individual for any reason whenever we see fit.

It’s essential for you to understand that the content you provide, excluding credit card information, may be sent unencrypted. This could mean it’s transmitted across various networks or that it undergoes adjustments to meet the specifications of our connecting networks or devices. However, your credit card details are always encrypted during transfer.

Without our direct, written consent, you agree not to replicate, duplicate, copy, trade, sell, or exploit any segment of the Service or access points on the website.

For ease of reading, we’ve included section headings in this agreement. They are purely for organization and do not influence the interpretation of the Terms in any way.


At Lyannga, while we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, we can’t guarantee that all information presented on our website will always be exact, comprehensive, or timely. The content you find here is intended for general knowledge. Before making decisions, always seek out and consider primary and more precise sources. Depending on our site’s information is solely at your discretion and risk.

While our site may showcase certain past data, understand that this is provided as a point of reference and may not reflect current trends or statuses. While we can revise our site’s content at any given moment, there’s no obligation on our part to keep any information updated. It remains your duty to keep abreast of any alterations to our site.


Lyannga holds the right to alter product prices without prior notice.

We also retain the right to amend, suspend, or even terminate the Service (or any component therein) at any given time without providing advance notice.

For any changes to our services, pricing structures, suspensions, or discontinuations, we won’t be held accountable to you or any third party.


Certain exclusive products or services might only be accessible online through our website. Such offerings may have limited stock and are exchangeable solely as per our Return Policy.

We’ve done our utmost to depict our products, especially in terms of colors and images, as accurately as possible. However, Lyannga cannot guarantee that the colors you see on your screen will match the actual product.

At Lyannga, we can, but aren’t obligated to, restrict product or service sales based on individual, geographical location, or jurisdictional factors. Such decisions will be made on an individual basis. We also reserve the right to specify the quantities of any products or services available. We can change product descriptions or pricing at our discretion without prior notice. If a product is discontinued, it’s our call. Any promotions or offers on our site are null and void where they’re prohibited.

While we pride ourselves on the quality of our offerings, Lyannga cannot vouch that our products, services, or information will always align with your expectations. Furthermore, we don’t guarantee that any issues in our Service will always be rectified.


Lyannga holds the authority to reject any orders. We might also restrict or cancel the quantity purchased by an individual, household, or per order at our sole discretion. This might affect orders placed from the same customer account, credit card, or orders with identical billing or shipping addresses. If any alterations or cancellations are made to an order, we will try to inform you using the email, billing address, or phone number provided at the time of order placement.

We also hold the right to restrict or prevent orders that, based on our judgment, seem to be made by middlemen, resellers, or distributors.

Your commitment to Lyannga is to offer precise, current, and complete information for all purchases. Ensure your account details, including email, credit card data, and expiration dates, are updated, allowing us to finalize transactions and reach out as necessary.


Lyannga may grant you access to third-party tools over which Lyannga neither maintains oversight nor exercises control.

You understand and concur that Lyannga offers access to these tools “as is” and “as available”, devoid of any warranties or endorsements. Lyannga bears no responsibility stemming from or linked to your utilization of optional third-party tools.

Engaging with the optional tools provided through our site is solely at your discretion. It’s advised that you familiarize yourself with and accept the conditions under which these tools are delivered by the corresponding third-party providers.

In the days to come, Lyannga might introduce new services and/or features on the website (this includes unveiling new tools and resources). These novel features and/or services will adhere to these Terms of Service.


Certain content, items, and services made available through Lyannga may originate from third parties.

Third-party links on our platform might redirect you to external sites unaffiliated with Lyannga. We don’t hold accountability for reviewing or vouching for the authenticity of these sites, and we won’t be liable for third-party materials, products, or services.

Lyannga isn’t answerable for any harm or damages associated with transactions involving third-party sites. Before engaging with any third-party, it’s crucial to thoroughly understand their policies. All issues concerning third-party products should be relayed directly to the respective third-party.


At times, Lyannga might ask for specific submissions (like contest entries) or, without any prompting from our side, you might send us innovative ideas, feedback, or other materials digitally, via email, post, or other means (all referred to as ‘comments’). By doing so, you grant us the freedom to use your comments without any limitations. Lyannga isn’t bound to:
1. Keep comments confidential
2. Offer compensation for any comments
3. Reply to any submitted comments

Lyannga reserves the right, without obligation, to oversee, modify, or erase content that may be deemed inappropriate, offensive, or in violation of any terms.

Your comments mustn’t infringe upon the rights of any third party. You hold sole responsibility for the authenticity and content of your comments. Lyannga is not responsible for comments posted either by you or by third parties.


The manner in which Lyannga manages personal information submitted through our store is elucidated in our Privacy Policy.


At times, the information available on Lyannga’s site or within the Service might exhibit typographical mistakes, discrepancies, or overlooked details, especially those related to product attributes, costings, promotions, offers, product shipping fees, delivery durations, and stock status. Lyannga reserves the right to rectify such mistakes, discrepancies, or overlooked details, and to modify or rectify information, or invalidate orders when any data within the Service or on a related website proves imprecise, at any juncture and without prior intimation (even post your order submission).

Lyannga isn’t obligated to revise, supplement, or clarify details in the Service or on any associated website, pricing data being an exception, unless legally mandated. No specific date of modification or rejuvenation mentioned in the Service or on any related website implies that every piece of information within the Service or on the associated website has been revamped.


Beyond the restrictions delineated in the Terms of Service, users are barred from utilizing the Lyannga site or its content for the following: unlawful endeavors, soliciting illegal activities, breaching any rules or laws, violating intellectual property rights, harassment, uploading deceptive details, transmitting malicious codes, gathering personal data without consent, spamming, and any indecent purposes. Users are also prohibited from undermining the security protocols of Lyannga or other sites. Any breach of these guidelines grants Lyannga the authority to cease your access to the Service or any linked website.


Lyannga doesn’t assure that your interaction with our service will always be continuous, prompt, secure, or devoid of errors.

There’s no guarantee that outcomes derived from utilizing the service will always be precise or trustworthy.

Lyannga may, without prior notice, intermittently suspend the service for unspecified durations or permanently discontinue the service.

You concur that the risks arising from using or the inability to use Lyannga’s service lie solely with you. All products and services delivered to you through the platform are furnished ‘as is’ and ‘as available’, without any explicit or implied assurances.

Lyannga, its management, staff, affiliates, agents, contractors, or suppliers won’t be held liable for any damages or claims arising from your use of our service or products. If local regulations restrict such disclaimers, our accountability will be confined to the maximum extent permissible by law.


You pledge to protect, uphold, and keep Lyannga and its stakeholders—including its parent company, affiliates, partners, and staff—shielded from any claims or demands. This encompasses attorney fees triggered by any third party due to your breach of these Terms of Service, or infringement of any legal norms or third-party rights.


If any part of these Terms is deemed unlawful or unenforceable, that part will be considered separate, but every other provision will remain in effect and be enforced to the full extent allowed by law.


Any obligations or debts from before this agreement’s end will continue even after its termination.

These Terms remain active until you or we decide to end them. You can terminate at any point by letting us know you’re stopping the use of our Services or by not using our site anymore.

If we believe you’ve violated these Terms, we may end this agreement without informing you. You’re responsible for any outstanding amounts up until the termination date, and we may restrict your access to our Services.


If we don’t enforce a part of these Terms, it doesn’t mean we waive our right to later.

These Terms, along with any related rules or policies we post, represent the full agreement between you and us regarding the Service. This agreement supersedes any previous understandings or communications, whether spoken or written.

If any part of these Terms is unclear, it won’t be interpreted against the party who drafted them.


The latest version of these Terms is always available on this page.

We can alter these Terms whenever we choose. It’s up to you to keep up-to-date by checking our site. If you continue to use our site or Services after we post changes, it means you accept those changes.